Study day: the current state of the Saharan Tourism and the ways to promoting it

The University Center of Tamanrasset held a study day in cooperation with the touristic agency MAHA Tour about the current state of the SaharanTourism and the ways to promote it. The conference was held at the electronic library in October 08th, 2019.
The study day was inaugurated with the opening statement of the chairperson of the conference, Mr. Ben Hamdoun Mohamed, who is the director of the touristic agency MAHA Tour, where he welcomed the audience, especially the participating teachers. the directoralso spotted the light on the objective of the conference which is focusing on the actual state of tourism in our beloved Algeria. He, furthemore, spoke about the various obstacles which led, according to him, to the reluctance of tourists to come and visitAlgeria, compared to the past few years.
The conference was initiated with the fruitful statements ofthe participating teachers, where Mr.Al-rawni Mohamed intervened with a word on the current state of tourism in the southern Saharan region of Algeria, starting from his own experience being the general manager of a tourism agency which is active in the Algerian Sahara. Moreover; he explained the vast touristic area that Algeria is lucky to acquire, where he offered an assessment of tourism in the southern region of Algeria. The director of MAHA Tour also spoke about the history of establishing thetourism agencies in the two regions of Tamanrasset and Djanet, and how the early founders had endured the various difficulties for the sake of enriching the culture of tourism in Al-Hoggar and Tassili area, taking into consideration the vast touristic area from one side, and from the other side the shortage, if not the total lack of the potentials.
In the end of the study day, all the participants agreed on the importance of taking care of the SaharanTourism, which is considered to be the backbone of tourism in Algeria, and this can only be achieved if the authorities in charge start to look at the sector of tourism as a true and vital contribution to the national economy if used properly, since the AlgerianSahara is the most beautiful Sahara in the world, and so it is time to benefit from it as an economic power, and this can only be done if we start paying more attention to the Sahara as well as the Saharan Tourism.

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