The International Conference: Reading Didactics in the Educational Curriculum

In 01/10/2019, the University Center Hadj Moussa Ak Akhamok of Tamanrasset held the international conference entitled: The Reading Didactics in the Educational Curriculum:the Present and the Future.

The international conference was organized in the institute of Letters and Languages by the department of Arabic Language and Literature. After the welcoming speech of the president of the University Center, the chairperson of the conference manifested the importance of such conferences, by pointing out to the fact that students from all levels have grown weaker in reading in an alarming way. Thus, reading has a very strong relationship with gaining knowledge in all the learning fields. The chairperson has also spotted the light on the problematic of the conference, by highlighting some of the reasons which led to the deficiency in reading.

The conference was held in order to reinforce reading; it was summed up in eight chapters:

  1. The challenge of implementing the reading didactics in the educational curriculum.
  2. The teacher’s role and teaching methods to reinforce the reading skill.
  3. The importance of reading to reinforce the linguistic ability.
  4. Reading and its relation to the textual contexts in the various educational levels.
  5. The didactics of reading and the difficulties of learning.
  6. Teaching reading and its relation to the science of the Qur’anic readings, and correcting pronunciation.
  7. Reading teaching applications and experiments in the educational institutions.
  8. The Reading theories and its usage in launching the reading process in the educational institutions.

The chairperson then gave word to the president of the Supreme Council of the Arabic Language, Mr. Saleh Belaid, who in turn dwelled on the Supreme Council of the Arabic Language and its functions, by revealing some of the council’s projects, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Appointing the national committee of Algeria’s encyclopedia.
  • Working on creating the historic dictionary of the Arabic language.
  • The dictionary of the Algerian culture.

Together with other projects.

The president of the council then gave permission to launch the conference in order to give chance to the participants in order to enrich the subject of the conference.

  • Recommendations of the Conference:


  • Focusing, in such conferences, on the applied researches without ignoring the theoretical side.
  • The necessity to include the didactics styles, which are related to the persons with special needs.
  • Enforcing the mastery of the Arabic language by extracting its rules and laws to building effective and objective enhancing protocols.
  • The importance of standardizing the terminology and concepts in the field of the learning difficulties in general, and the reading difficulties in particular.
  • Appreciating and supporting the researches in the field of the reading didactics and its difficulties, by reinforcing its publications and adopting its results.
  • Establishing laboratories and scientific committees that work on developing researches in the field of reading and the Arabic language in particular.
  • Printing the conference participations in a special volume for the purpose of benefiting from them.
  • Organizing scientific conferences and workshops in the subject of reading and assessing the situation regularly.
  • The scientific coordination between the university committees and the Higher Council of the Arabic Language.
  • Suggesting organizing another conference tackling the difficulties of writing, particularly the written language.
  • Creating a national observatory for reading and writing.

The importance of counselling and integrating all the specialists in the subject of reading, such as; inspectors, researchers and teachers.

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