The History of the Revolution and Resistance: Methodology and Study

In 31/10/2019 the university center of Tamanrasset has held a historical conference entitled: The History of the Revolution and Resistance: Methodology and Study. The conference was organized by the department of Humanities, in coordination with the department of Mujahidin in the Wilaya of Tamanrasset, together with the local Mujahid museum of Tamanrasset. The conference was animated by the following teachers:

  • Kedida Mohammed Mubarak.
  • Nouacer Abdurrahman.
  • HajiRamadan.

The Participating teachers attempted to shed the light on the historic resistance against the French devastating colonization to Algeria. The conference aimed at approaching the following objectives:

  • Celebrating the 1st of November.
  • Familiarizing the students with the history and phases of the 1st of November 1954.
  • Accessing what has been written regarding the history of the holy revolution as well as the resistance in Algeria and promoting it.
  • Building a fruitful scientific debate which can teach the students how to analyze, debate and search in the history of Algeria.

Finally, and beside the conference, the museum of Mujahid held a book exhibition regarding the history of the revolution and resistance in Algeria.


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